Helios Analyzer 303

Immediate HbA1c Measurement

A Point of Care Handheld Analyzer for HbA1c Measurement

  • Small and portable analyzer, easy to use.
  • Tiny sample size 10uL, fingerstick sample and no pretreatment.
  • Fast and accurate result in 2 minutes.
  • Support blood glucose test, more perfect diabetes care.

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Helios Quantitative Test Introduction for mode 303

Helios Quantitative Test Operation Guide for mode 303



Dimensions (L*W*H): 135mm×68mm×25mm

Weight: 0.2kg

Power supply: external power and integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery (800mAh, standby time 48hours)

External Input/Output: RS232C (ASTM), Bluetooth

Memory: 160 results

Printer: optional built-in thermal printer

Operating environment: 10-40℃(50-104℉), 30-70% R.H. (Without condensation)

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