HBA Diagnostic Instruments Overview

List of diagnostic instruments designed for HBA tests.

Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence Assay diagnostic instruments are cutting-edge tools designed for precise and efficient analysis of biological samples. Leveraging biochemiluminescent reactions, these instruments provide rapid and accurate detection of biomolecules such as proteins, enzymes, and hormones. Their homogeneous nature eliminates the need for extensive sample preparation, making them ideal for high-throughput screening in clinical laboratories.

We offer a diverse selection of HBA instruments tailored to meet different customers’ needs, from hand-held devices to compact solutions ideal for point-of-care testing (POCT) and small-scale testing in research laboratories.

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Diagnostic Instruments List:

Helios 2000 (obsolete): Single-sample desktop HBA instrument. Helios 2000 is our first HBA diagnostic instrument. It’s specifically designed for small-scale lab use. This instrument allows researchers to perform extremely precise measurements of single testing sample.

Helios 100 (obsolete): Single-sample hand-held HBA instrument. Utilizing the technologies derived from Helios 2000, Helios 100 instrument revolutionizes on-site testing with its compact design and intuitive operation. The efficient design enables quick and precise analysis of testing samples in diverse settings. Ideal for point-of-care (POC) diagnostics, field research, and mobile healthcare units.

Helios 200 V0 (obsolete): 2-sample HBA instrument. Helios 200 V0 enhances efficiency by allowing simultaneous analysis of two samples, all presented on a clear, easy-to-read LCD screen. Its intuitive interface simplifies operation, making it ideal for point-of-care testing and research environments requiring quick and accurate results.

Helios 200 V2: 2-sample HBA instrument. Helios 200 V2 is an updated version of the Helios 200 V0. Now featuring a high-resolution touchscreen, it offers a fast and user-friendly operation. It’s designed for point-of-care (POC) diagnostics.

Helios 200 Hand-Held: 2-sample hand-held HBA instrument. Helios 200 Hand-Held instrument is the hand-held variant in Helios 200 family. Compact design and high-resolution touchscreen offer portability and versatility, enabling on-the-go analysis of two samples simultaneously. Its compact design facilitates ease of use in various settings, making it an ideal solution for point-of-care diagnostics and field research applications.

Helios 400: 4-sample HBA instrument. Helios 400 allows 4 samples to be analyzed simultaneously. High accuracy and user-friendly touchscreen interface make it ideal for small-scale testing in research labs and point-of-care (POC) testing.

Helios 1800: 18-sample HBA instrument. Helios 1800 is our state-of-the-art HBA instrument. Its robust design and advanced technology enable rapid and accurate testing, making it suitable for research labs and POC requiring simultaneous analysis of a large number of samples.


Testing Procedure (example for Helios 1800):


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