HBA q Rapid Test Overview

Optimal POCT Technology — Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence (HBA)


Optimal POCT Technology — Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence(HBA)

The technology mimics the light production process of a firefly.

A determinand-specific substrate containing a luciferin moiety is cleaved in the presence of determinand to release luciferin, which becomes a substrate to firefly luciferase in a light production system.


Benefits of this technology:

  • Significantly higher sensitivity than the traditional POC method;
  • One-step operation, Easy to use;
  • Room temperature storage of the reagent;


HBA q Rapid Test can be used to detect various diseases, such as influenza Types A and/or B virus, etc. Please refer to the test menu below for application information.

Our HBA q Rapid Test is designed to be used with our HBA Diagnostic Instruments. We provide a diverse selection of HBA instruments to cover different customers’ needs. Please visit our HBA instruments product page for more information.


Test Menu

Cat. No. Product Name Intended Use Package: Certification
5000 qFlu Dx Rapid Test Influenza Detection 40 Tests CE
5100 qFlu Mx Rapid Test Influenza and Drug Resistance Detection 20 Tests CE
5200 qBV Rapid Test Bacterial Vaginitis Detection 40 Tests CE
5300 qAR1 Rapid Test Antibiotic Resistance Detection 20 Tests CE
5301 qAR2 Rapid Test Antibiotic Resistance Detection 20 Tests CE
5500 qUTI Rapid Test Urinary Tract Infection Detection 40 Tests CE
5600 qHP Rapid Test Helicobater Pylori Detection 40 Tests CE

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Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence Assay (HBA)