qFlu Dx Rapid Test

Influenza screening and drug resistance detection

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Influenza screening and drug resistance detection

  • Able to detect all Subtypes of Flu A/B;
  • Less Susceptible to Genetic Changes of Flu Viruses;
  • Simultaneous Detection of Resistance to Tamiflu;
  • Significantly Higher Sensitivity than Traditional POC Method;

Current methods of rapid detection of influenza are based on detection of the nucleic acids or antigens of influenza viruses. Since influenza viruses constantly mutate leading to appearance of new strains or variants of viruses, these detection methods are susceptible to genetic changes in influenza viruses.

Type A and B influenza viruses contain neuraminidase, an essential enzyme for virus replication which enables progeny influenza viruses leave the host cells to infect new cells. qFlu Dx Rapid Test contains a luciferin derivatized substrate which can be used for sensitive and specific detection of influenza viral neuraminidase. In the presence of viral neuraminidase, the derivatized luciferin is free and immediately oxidized by luciferase in the reaction mix to generate detectable light signal.

As influenza viral neuraminidase is also a drug target, a neuraminidase assay can be used for detection of resistance to an antiviral targeting the enzyme. The QFlu Mx Test is designed to simultaneously detect the presence of influenza virus Types A or B in a sample and their status of susceptibility to oseltamivir.

qFlu Dx Rapid Test Kit

40 Tests / Kit Consisting of:

  • Two Pouches, each containing 20 qFlu Dx Reagent Vials
  • 40 q-Sample Buffer Vials
  • 40 Disposable Pipettes (0.25 mL)
  • 1 Positive Control Pouch with one PC-1 vial and one PC-2 vial. PC contains lyophilized recombinant flu neuraminidase (NA).  PC-1 and PC-2 contain NA derived from different flu strains.

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Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence Assay (HBA)

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